What if a… Multiversity? Literatura y ciencia en la obra de Grant Morrison. (Madrid: Ediciones Marmotilla, 2019) Available here.

The concept of the multiverse is one of the few that has been able to link what are traditionally referred to as two cultures: the sciences and the arts. This book examines Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity to trace the overlaps between these two territories. The idea of multiverse has been developed in comics since 1961 with the publication of The Flash of Two Worlds, and has found its maximum expression in recent years with the construction of superhero multiverses. Grant Morrison’s work culminates this process of construction and Angélica Cabrera accurately analyzes it with precision in her book.

“There is no doubt that science is a wonderful builder of stories and that fiction is a highly effective mode of knowledge. The overlaps of territories are there but few like Angélica know how to see them. The reader of these pages will come out, I have no doubt, doubly rewarded. And that is no small thing in this world of epidermal and fragmented knowledges.” José Manuel Trabado Cabado, Senior Lecturer of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of León, Spain.